Chilcotin PHP 17-5-7

Harsh Site Plantings Prone To Drought

The Chilcotin-pak is the newest member of RTI’s reclamation team. Built on the solid foundation of the Bio-pak, it has been designed to really stimulate root production on harsh, dry sites. The bigger, the root system, the better the chances of survival and superior growth as it gives the seedling the opportunity to access vital site resources.


Forest Fire Rehabilitation: Chilcotin Plateau, B.C.

Here is an overview of one tough neighbourhood. The Chilcotin Plateau lies in the rain shadow of BC Coastal Mountains and is prone to extreme temperature fluctuations and dry desiccating winds.


Fertilized at the Time of Planting:

This 2 year old Lodgepole pine was planted on this site which was devastated by a very hot forest fire. It was fertilized at the time of planting. When compared to the control below, it shows the benefits of a well established root system in areas with harsh climates.

Chilcotin PHP is only available in Canada.

10 gram pak - 2,000 count (Canda Only)
20 gram pak - 900 count (Canda Only)

RTI Treated Planting

Control Tree

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