Continuem RT 18-9-9+9

Increases in Early Growth / Browsing Deterrence through Plant Defense Enzyme Production

Advanced polymer technology and RTI's proprietary formulation/delivery systems are defining a Second Generation of "Fertilization at Planting" products. The Continuem (continuum) properties refer to the products ability to provide an extended influence on plants that increase their ability to produce higher levels of Secondary Metabolites. These compounds are produced naturally and include "terpenes", which are defense compounds that deter animal browsing and insect attacks. Continuem technology also appears to affect conditions in the root zone that increase levels of beneficial microbes capable of increasing nutrient supplies to seedlings from the parent soil. A faster growth response, reduced mortality, and elevated terpene production make Continuem RT Paks the most advanced nutritional treatment available for conifer regeneration.


Browsing deterrence is illustrated on this Englemann Spruce that was attacked by a vole during winter snow cover. Terpenes are enzymes produced by plants to deter attacks by animals and insects. Once terpenes are released into the xylem, any browsing animal that ingests the compound is given a nasty stomach ache due to the terpenes blocking the absorption of proteins into the digestive system.


The second-year leader development of this Lodgepole pine plantation is a typical response to seedlings planted with Continuem RT Paks. The advanced nutrient release of a combined proprietary source of both nitrogen and sulfur produces a significant increase in growth over other nitrogen sources. RT Paks have become the leading product used by foresters throughout a range of regeneration sites throughout North America from northern boreal conditions to the most temperate regions.


Available in:

- 500 count (US Only)

- PHP 2,000 count (Canada Only)


Continuem PHP 18-9-9+6 is also available in the new PHP technology, only available in Canada. 

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