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PHP technology consists of polymer coated fertilizers that enable the controlled release of nutrients over an extended period of time. This makes nutrients available to the developing seedling as it establishes and increases its nutritional demand over time. 

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Semipermeable Membrane

As soil temperatures rise, osmotic pressure induces the movement of water molecules from low concentration to high concentration, moving water into the prill. 

As pressure rises inside the prill, water molecules transport nutrients out of the cell, into the soil via reverse osmosis.

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The polymer coating on the surface of the prill has pores that create a semi-permeable membrane, allowing water molecules to pass through. 

Fertilizer Prill




Water Enters Prill

Water Carries Nutrients Out

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SIMPLICITY — Tree planters will be happier with a simplified process, leading to greater efficiency at time of planting. The less time they take to plant the trees, the lower the cost in labor. Therefore that extra time can now be allocated elsewhere.

MORE CONSISTENT PERFORMANCE — You will benefit a from more consistent result as the teabag will always be placed in the right spot, close to the seedling. How many times have you gone out to the field to check the planters and couldn’t find the teabag? It may be because they put it too far away fearing that they would burn the tree with the fertilizer. Being able to place the teabag in the same hole ensures that you get the full benefit of the fertilizer you are paying for.

ENHANCED SAFETY — Product safety is always on our minds given the concern of tree planters handling teabag fertilizer. We want to do our best to address their concerns and to assure planters that what they are handling is safe. Not only are the levels of heavy metals lower in the fully coated paks than the regular version, but the polymer coating provides an additional layer of protection to prevent contact between the tree planter and the nutrient contents.