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Delayed Release 22-7-11 & Minors
Bulk Fertilizer

Although RTI is well renowned for its teabag fertilizer, RTI also has that same controlled-release technology in a bulk form that can be used in aerial and hydro-seeding applications over broad landscapes. RTI’s Delayed Release technology was developed to provide the best source of balanced plant nutrients on reclaimed sites with poor soils, especially during the critical first growing season. And best of all, nutrients only release when soil conditions are warm and moist enough for root growth to occur. This means that the nutrients end up in your plants and not leaching away into adjacent water bodies.


The controlled release pattern is especially beneficial for native plant species. Agronomic grade fertilizers or slow-release fertilizers with light coatings, release much too quickly for slower growing native species, limiting their effectiveness and benefitting fast growing weed species that you don’t want. Delayed Release releases at a rate that native plants can utilize, allowing them to flourish and quickly capture a site.


Delayed Release works well with grasses, herbaceous plants, and shrub species.

Product # 1100 / 50 lb bag

This series of photos are of a reclamation project in Kemess Mines in British Columbia. This landscape has been successfully restored with native plants with the help of the Delayed-Release bulk fertilizer.


Highway slope regeneration demonstration site, Orange County, CA. A coastal Chaparral seed mix was drilled onto a “cut and fill” bank. The left portion was treated with RTI’s “Delayed Release”. The right side received a conventional agricultural fertilizer that washed from the site before it could provide a nutrient supply to the emerging sage community.

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