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Reclamation & Conifer Transplants

15-5-5-6-(S) with Biochar

Developed for use in replanting mining reclamation areas but also can be used for decommissioned logging roads/gravel pits and for areas severely impacted by forest fires. 

Bio Pak 16-6-8 + Minors

Developed for use in replanting decommissioned logging roads but also used successfully in mining reclamation.

Chilcotin PHP 17-5-7

The Chilcotin Pak is the newest member of RTI’s reclamation team. Built on the solid foundation of the Bio Pak, it has been designed to really stimulate root production on harsh, dry sites. 

Chilcotin Worm Blend 15-4-5

The Chilcoltin Worm Blend is designed for harsh site plantings with soils prone to drought and little to no organic matter available. With the success of our Chilcotin Pak, this product contains earthworm castings to increase the availability of organic matter

Delayed Release 22-7-11 & Minors

RTI’s Delayed Release technology was developed to provide the best source of balanced plant nutrients on reclaimed sites with poor soils, especially during the critical first growing season.

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