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Providing the world with advanced biological inoculants and fertilizer products for over 26 years. RTI is best known as the oldest, most renowned producer of pure arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and the first company to produce biodegradable transplant fertilizer packs. 

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RTI produces a variety of transplant fertilizer packs and land regeneration products for forestry, habitat restoration, and mine reclamation projects.


  • RTI-Ag

    Biofertility products that provide farmers with proven tools to help support more sustainable plants.

  • Green Diamond

    A true breakthrough in turf and landscape growth and maintenance. 

  • Xtreme Gardening

    Harnessing the power of microbial evolution, isolating the most critical members of the soil food web.

  • Old Truck Organics

    Delivering the perfect blend of beneficial soil microbes and organic nutrients.

Mycorrhiza & Biological Inoculants

The symbiotic association known as mycorrhizae has been around for over 450 million years, becoming a fundamental support system that enables most plants to survive and thrive in a terrestrial setting. Mycorrhizal fungi make up over 90% of the living microbial biomass that is present in most soils. 


Fertilizer Packs

Fertilization at planting with RTI Planter Paks is part of a successful silviculture regime. Properly implemented, using RTI's Planter Paks at the time of planting will eliminate "Transplant Shock" by providing a supplemental source of plant nutrients that are readily available to the seedlings.

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