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Providing the world with advanced biological inoculants & fertilizer products for over 27 years!

RTI is the oldest and largest producer of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the world. RTI was also the first company to pioneer biodegradable transplant fertilizer packs now commonly used in many applications through various industries around the world. Find the key to successful plant growth with one of our premium retail lines in the agriculture, landscape, home garden, and hydroponic markets. RTI continues to provide high-quality fertilizer products for forest regeneration, habitat restoration, and mine reclamation markets around the world. RTI also offers a customizable program for manufacturers, formulators, and private labeling.

Biological Soil Inoculants

RTI has developed a world-class reputation for producing quick-colonizing, biological root inoculants. RTI specializes in "in-vivo" arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, growth-promoting bacteria, and other beneficial inoculants to help maintain healthy soil and plant growth.

RTI revolutionized the forestry industry with its development of the transplant "pak" technology. The paks are capable of being filled with natural or polymer-coated fertilizer, enabling the controlled release of nutrients over an extended period of time, conveniently packaged in a biodegradable transplant packet. 

Transplant Pak Technology


RTI provides various business-to-business services for manufacturers, formulators, and private labeling. Contact our knowledgeable team for more information about custom microbial blends and our other manufacturing capabilities.

In-vivo Grown
Mycorrhizal Fungi

RTI has established a unique procedure for growing and cultivating mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi grown "in-vivo" promotes stronger biological genetics for quicker adaptation to soil and weather conditions. RTI produces over 6 species of arbuscular, endo-mycorrhizal fungi.


Every batch of mycorrhizal fungi is quality control tested and certified with the highest standards. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality mycorrhizal inoculant available in any market. 

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RTI's Premium Products

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RTI produces a variety of transplant fertilizer packs and land regeneration products for forestry, habitat restoration, and mine reclamation projects.

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Biological and nutrient delivery products to help support sustainable agricultural crops.

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Biological and nutritional inoculants for residential and commercial landscapes.

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Pure biological inoculants proven to increase plant performance & crop yields.

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An ideal blend of beneficial soil microbes and organic nutrients for consumer gardeners.

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