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Brands of RTI

RTI started manufacturing forestry products over 26 years ago and continues to produce products that help reestablish native plants and terrain that has been destroyed. RTI's technologies have since been modified to different markets that range from agriculture, landscape management, hydroponic, and home gardening. Please visit our brand websites to learn more about our different products. 

RTI-AG specializes in biofertility products based on natural, not modified, strains of mycorrhiza and azospirillum. Our list of biofertility products provide farmers with proven tools to help support their sustainable plant nutrition program.

Green Diamond Biologicals & Nutritionals represents a true breakthrough in turf and landscape growth and maintenance. Our proprietary blends of mycorrhizae (Mykos), nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azos), and organic fertilizer promote rapid growth, healthy root systems, and plant durability.

Xtreme Gardening combines cutting-edge technology with the results of thousands of years of evolutionary design, allowing us to provide the gardener with the natural biology needed for exceptional natural and organic plant growth. 

Old Truck Organics brings a unique, no-nonsense approach to organic gardening. Many other companies offer fertilizers with a pinch of soil biology. We start with 25% MYKOS Mycorrhizae and add a natural, all organic fertilizer.

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Always striving to find new ways to improve sustainable horticultural practices with the use of beneficial soil microbes. RTI, a data-driven company, has developed a reputation for producing highly active and cost-effective microbial inoculants. Learn more about our research and technologies on our educational website. 

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