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Alder Pak 5-25-8

Alder Plantings

Northwest Hardwoods, Eugene, OR, a division of Weyerhaeuser originally requested RTI to develop a Planter Pak treatment to help in the establishment of Alder 2-0 bare-root seedlings in 1996. The formula was based on nutrient research conducted by Dean DeBell, U of WA, College of Forestry.

Alders are a member of a group of "Actinorhizal Plants" that form nodules on that produce nitrogen in the roots when associated with certain nitrogen-fixing bacteria, including "Frankia". The formulation was designed to be low in nitrogen, high in phosphorous, and to include both cobalt and molybdenum which increases the activity of the "Frankia" bacteria when present in the soil. Frankia is commonly found in soil and direct inoculation with the species to the host is not necessary.

The results from early trials determined that a 30-gram treatment was the most optimum and cost-effective rate to get some very impressive early growth. Because Alder plantings are typically done on brushy sites, the Alder Pak treatment is a very cost effective method of increasing growth while limiting vegetation management costs.

Available in:

- 500 count (Canada Only)

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