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Bio Pak 16-6-8 + Minors

Harsh Site Plantings


Developed for use in replanting decommissioned logging roads but also used successfully in mining reclamation. The combination of controlled-release nutrients and biological materials that attract and hold nutrients in an organic form significantly increases survival and early growth on harsh sites with little or no organic matter.


High Elevation Planting

This 2-year-old Spruce seedling is located on a reclaimed mine site high up in the Canadian Rockies, an area characterized by some of the harshest growing conditions found anywhere on the planet. Despite the difficulties, because it is fertilized with a Bio-pak it is able to establish under these challenging circumstances.


Gravel Pit Recovery: Campbell River, B.C.

Three-year-old Douglas fir seedlings with excellent growth occurring while the grass and cover on the site have died away due to a lack of nutrients and poor root development that would have provided an adequate level of moisture.

Available in:

- 500 count (US Only)

For the product label and bidding specs, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you.
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