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Booster Pak 22-10-7 & Minors

Hardwood Plantings

Hardwood trees and shrubs have the ability to grow much faster than conifers. Booster Paks were formulated in a 30-gram biodegradable format based on a research collaboration between the RTI and the USFS "Below Ground" research team at the USFS Research Station, Athens, GA. The results of these efforts are a proven ability to re-generate hardwood seedlings, including oaks, at a rate of growth that can exceed 30 ft. in seven years. In addition to fertilization at planting, the "Below Ground" team determined that transplants with at least 5 lateral roots grew the fastest and were the healthiest.

Available in:

- 30 gram - 250 count (US Only)


This 7-year oak has been producing acorns since age five. The rapid growth, early production of acorns and low maintenance makes Booster Paks an excellent treatment for establishing wildlife habitats throughout North America.

This 7-year-old oak seedling is 10 meters / 30 ft. tall and was fertilized only once at the time of planting with a 30-gram RTI Booster Pak.

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