Chilcotin Worm Blend 15-4-5 

Harsh Site Plantings With Soils Prone To Drought and Little to No Organic Matter

The Chilcotin Worm Blend has been designed to really stimulate root production on harsh, dry sites. However, many mining reclamation sites are basically re-starting the ecosystem from scratch and soils are often limited to parent material that contains little if any organic matter.

Organic matter is critical to the successful establishment of any plant, not only because of the moisture and nutrients it provides but also because it also feeds a host of soil organisms that are very beneficial to your plant. Soil organisms, your plant, in fact, can’t perform successfully without. The Chilcotin-pak takes the vital importance of organic matter into account and is designed to help “kickstart” the ecosystem by providing, not only an easy, well-balanced source of nutrients to the establishing plants but also 10g of composted organic matter to stimulate the restoration of the beneficial soil biology.


Like all of our teabag products, the Chilcotin Worm Blend works well with all trees and shrubs.

If your sites have soils like the site above, the Chilcotin Worm Blend was

designed just for you.

Available in:

- 20 gram pak - 900 count (Canada Only) 

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