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Chilcotin PHP 17-5-7
Mine Reclamation

For Plantings On Reclamation Sites Low in Organic Matter 

The Chilcotin-pak PHP has been designed to stimulate root production on sites that are prone to summer drought and have little organic matter in the existing soil. Many reclamation areas on mine sites fall into this category. Developing a strong root system is what will give your seedlings the best opportunity to establish on-site and ultimately protect them from drought. The bigger the root system, the better the opportunity to access vital site resources.  This gives your seedling the best chance of survival and superior growth over the long term.


The Chilcotin-pak PHP contains 9g of balanced, controlled-release fertilizer and 1g of organic matter in the form of humates. Humates will hold nutrients around the seedlings' roots and help to stimulate beneficial soil biology.  This is critical as beneficial soil biology will break down soil parent material and release nutrients to your seedlings over the long term, long after the fertilizer has been utilized. 


If you are interested in using this product please contact us. Regenerating dry ecosystems on mine sites can be tricky and we have lots of information to help guide you in how to be successful. 


10 gram pak - 2,000 count (Canda Only)
20 gram pak - 900 count (Canda Only)

Sheperdia -Pinchi 2014.jpg
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Cottonwood - Pinchi 2014.jpg
Rose -Pinchi 2014.jpg
For the product label and bidding specs, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you.
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