Chilcotin Worm Blend 15-4-5 

Harsh Site Plantings With Soils Prone To Drought and Little to No Organic Matter – Mining Reclamation

The Chilcotin Worm blend has been designed to really stimulate root production on harsh, dry sites, that have essentially no organic matter present in the existing soils. Waste rock dumps that are mainly composed of glacial till are a good example. It is like the reclamation specialist basically has to re-start the ecosystem from scratch.

This is where the Chilcotin – worm blend can help.  Not only does it contain 10g of RTI’s growth-enhancing fertilizer, but it also contains 10g of worm castings to provide a source of organic matter. The importance of organic matter can not be understated as it is critical to the successful establishment of any plant. This is not only because of the moisture and nutrients it provides, but also because it also feeds a host of soil organisms that are very beneficial to your plant in supplying moisture and nutrients. Soil organisms, your plant can’t perform successfully without over the long term. Having the organic matter in the form of worm castings also offers additional benefits, including supplying a readily available source of calcium, which is not only critical in the establishment of roots, but also acts as secondary messenger to alert plants to “batten down the hatches” when environmental stresses like drought occur.  Worm castings also supply readily available micronutrients to that allow the plant to build defense compounds further protecting them from environmental stresses.


Like all of our teabag products, the Chilcotin Worm blend works well with all trees and shrubs.

Available in:

- 900 count (20 g packet) / case (Canada Only) 

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