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Continuem PHP 18-9-9+6 (S)

Optimum Performance and Seedling Health For General Forestry Applications - Maximize Your Carbon Sequestration

If you are needing optimum performance to assist your seedlings in capturing a site, then look no further than RTI's extremely popular Continuem PHP. At RTI we understand that getting your seedling off to a great start is critical to overcoming competing vegetation, resisting snow and vegetation press during the winter,  greening-up sites for visual reasons, and even helping restore watersheds and wildlife habitat. Not only that, RTI's long-term monitoring trials clearly demonstrate that the superior growth provided by the nutrient formulation of Continuem PHP will allow your stand to sequester more carbon and potentially shorten your rotation length.  


The sulphate (not elemental sulphur) contained in Continuem PHP helps to produce a seedling with a more robust crown that has a much higher photosynthetic capacity.  Photosynthesis utilizes carbon dioxide for sugar production that is converted into the wood. So the larger the photosynthetic capacity of a tree, the greater the wood production which leads to a much thicker stem diameter, enhanced carbon storage, and ultimately higher volume growth. Just as importantly, the sulphate in Continuem PHP helps to strengthen the seedling's defenses against environmental stresses.   Plants use sulphate to naturally produce secondary metabolite defense compounds,  like terpenes, that deter animals and other pests from feeding on them.  


For these reasons, you can easily see that the sulphate in Continuem PHP is a critical nutrient in the healthy development of seedling. Unfortunately, sulphate is deficient for optimal performance almost everywhere in forest soils because it quickly leaches away.  What separates Continuem PHP from other products on the marketplace is that RTI's advanced polymer technology overcomes nutrient leaching by tightly controlling the release of the fertilizer prills to match the growth rate of the seedling, even in saturated soils. Thus, your seedlings get nutrients like sulphate, not the local water supply. 


Continuem PHP can do so much for a seedling that it is a must for every plantation that demands optimal growth performance and seedling health. 

Continuem Pak PHP 18-9-9+6(S) (Canada Only) 

- 2,000 paks (10 g packets) / case 


Average control and Continuem trees after the second growing season.

McLure Fire - Continuem & Control Interf

Fertilized with Continuem PHP


Year 11

Control after 15 years

image (1).png

Even after 15 years, the trees fertilized with Continuem PHP substantially outperform the control!


Fertilized with Continuem PHP after 15 years

Browsing deterrence is illustrated on this Englemann Spruce that was attacked by a vole during winter snow cover. Terpenes are enzymes produced by plants to deter attacks by animals and insects. Once terpenes are released into the xylem, any browsing animal that ingests the compound is given a nasty stomach ache due to the terpenes blocking the absorption of proteins into the digestive system.  

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