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Forest Pak PHP 20-11-9

Faster Growth in Acidic Sites


Similar to the Silva-pak, Forest Pak also provides a safe and readily available complete package of plant nutrients but also includes the micro-nutrients sulfur, zinc, copper, and boron.  This product has been around for years and has been used successfully for general forestry applications throughout the BC Coast, and the BC Interior and is the “go-to” product for the re-establishment of seedlings in reclaimed peat bogs in Eastern Canada.   If you have sites that have acidic soils due to rain or simply because they have poor drainage, this product is an excellent choice to establish your seedlings and help them to overcome competing for vegetation.


Note: Forest-pak can also be used on sites with higher pH soils but we would recommend the Continuem PHP or Gilbert Smith PHP instead for those sites due to their higher available sulfate content which is more beneficial to the seedling in higher pH soils.

Available in:

- 500 count (US Only)

For the product label and bidding specs, please feel free to contact us
and we would be happy to provide them for you.
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