Gilbert Smith 18-10-10

Gilbert Smith pak after 1 growing season

Seedling Establishment: Mesic (moist) sites Central B. C.

As revealed by the seedling in the photo below, even on moist sites with decent soil nutrients, nutrient deficiencies can still occur given the seedling has not yet developed its root system to access site resources. The Gilbert Smith Paks contain polymer coated forms of vital nutrients that assures a continuous supply available to enhance root and foliage development as shown in the photo above.


Overcoming Brush Competition: Interior site B.C.


Fast forward a few years down the road on a similar site. Superior growth at the beginning of this Douglas-fir seedlings life, resulting from using RTI’s Gilbert Smith Pak has lead to a large , robust crown that pushes away competing deciduous trees and shrubs, saving the forest company from having to do a brushing intervention.

Product # 1080 / 1,000 count

Superior Growth and Establishment For General Forest Applications


Used in general forest regeneration applications, Gilbert Smith Paks provide a safe and readily available and complete package of plant nutrients required for superior root and foliar production that will allow a seedling to quickly capture a site. If a seedling can quickly capture a site, it can then outcompete other vegetation for site resources, which in turn leads to superior growth performance. The blend includes a component of sulphur in a form immediately available to plants. As sulphur can be limiting on many sites, this fills the void and provides an additional boost to growth performance and seedling defense.

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