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Hydration Pak 16-8-5
plus Water Storing Polymers

Water Storing Polymer Technology

Soil moisture must be available right away after planting takes place for seedlings to establish successfully. If you find yourself in a position where soils drain so fast that the seedling does not have time to utilize the moisture before it is gone or you do not have a 6-8 week period of adequate soil moisture for roots to develop before the summer drought hits, then this is the teabag fertilizer for you.  Especially if your seedling happens to be a moisture-loving plant species!  With water storing polymers, the Hydration - pak can reduce the effect on moisture deficiency. This modern technology acts as a sponge, absorbing moisture and releasing it back to the seedlings you are trying to establish.


Balanced Nutrition

Until roots can extend into a large area beyond the seedling and acquire moisture and nutrients, as well as develop a strong mycorrhizal association, the effects of transplant shock can be dramatic. The consequences of transplant shock will not only stress your seedling, making it more vulnerable to environmental pressures like an extended drought but if severe enough, could even lead to seedling mortality. Hydration – paks help to eliminate transplant shock by providing a safe and readily available package of nutrients that are required to stimulate the root production of nursery cultured seedlings. 

Available in:

- 1,000 count (10 g packet) / case (US Only)

- 2,000 count (10 g packet) / case (Canada Only)


A seedling planted with a Hydration-Pak at the end of the first growing season in coarse sand near Pemberton, BC, Canada. 

Fertilizer field trip Sept 2011 011.jpg

The finger is pointing to the lump of roots where the Hydration-pak was located. That is the remnants of the of pak after 2 growing seasons.

Chilcotin Plateau Trial Site.JPG

Forest Fire Rehabilitation: Chilcotin Plateau, B.C.
Here is an overview of one tough neighbourhood. The Chilcotin Plateau lies in the rain shadow of BC Coastal Mountains and is prone to extreme temperature fluctuations and dry desiccating winds.

For the product label and bidding specs, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide them for you.

The above photo shows the contents of the Hydration Pak. Note the roots grow into the water storing polymers to draw out moisture. 

Chilcotin Plateau - RTI Hydration-pak -

Fertilized at the Time of Planting:
These 2-year-old Lodgepole pine were planted on this site which was devastated by a very hot forest fire. It was fertilized at the time of planting. When compared to the control below, it shows the benefits of a well-established root system in areas with harsh climates.

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