Hydration Pak 16-8-5

plus Water Storing Polymers

Water Storing Polymers

Hydration is very important to plant development. Many forestry and restoration sites, particularly in the West are subject to extended periods with very low soil moisture levels. Until roots can extend into a large area beyond the seedling and acquire moisture as well as develop a strong mycorrhizal association, the effects of transplant shock can be dramatic. With water storing polymers, the Hydration Pak can reduce the effect on moisture deficiency. This modern technology acts as a sponge, absorbing moisture and releasing the molecules back into the soil.


Eliminate Transplant Shock

Hydration Paks provide a safe and readily available complete package of plant nutrients required to re-generate roots of nursery cultured seedlings. Transplant Shock occurs when roots are not capable of providing plants with an adequate supply of moisture and nutrients as required for healthy growth. The consequences of moderate to severe transplant shock include a reduction or loss of leaf surface area that supports the photosynthesis process, insufficient production of carbohydrates that feed growth and development of plants, and inadequate storage of nutrient reserves required for annual spring growth periods.


Nutrient Deficiencies

Moist soils provide adequate levels of moisture, but those nutrients that are available in soluble forms such as nitrogen can be rapidly depleted and unavailable to plants with a limited root system. Hydration Paks contain polymer coated forms of these soluble nutrients that assure a continuous supply available to enhance root development.

Available in:

- 1,000 count - 10 gram packs (US Only)

- 2,000 count (Canada Only)

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