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Schirp Pak PHP 26-21-0
Forestry Blend 

Deter Competing Plants

RTI developed the SCHIRP- Pak to overcome the establishment challenges of “Salal” dominated sites, which tend to be very nutrient-poor. Salal also produces “allopathic” compounds that deter regeneration of competing plants. To counter this RTI included a unique combination of phosphorus and nitrogen to suppress the ericoid mycorrhizal activity near the seedlings root system. The result was dramatically increased seedling growth.

Available in:

- 2,000 count (Canada Only)


Salal-dominated sites may look like this shortly after logging.


Can easily turn into this if your trees aren’t given the nutrition that they need to establish.


What fertilizing at the time of planting can lead to a few years down the road.

First year after planting with Schirp PHP.

For the product label and bidding specs, please feel free to contact us
and we would be happy to provide them for you.
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